There are a variety of tapes available for sale and usage at North Western Osteopathic Clinic, including Fixomull and rigid strapping tape.

Tape Sizes

  • 25mm
  • 38mm
  • 50mm

Why use Sports Tape?


In most cases, rigid sports tape is used post-injury during sporting activities or preventative measures. When applied in the correct manner, the tape provides support to muscle and ligament injuries, allowing athletes to return to their favourite sports with more confidence. The value of sports tape is that you can restrict, for example, movement of a body part in a particular direction. In the case of ankle strapping you may want to restrict the inward-outward movement (inversion) where the ankle is weak, but maintain some flexibility in dorsi flexion (up down). Sports Tape is also said to provide you with a proprioceptive ‘reminder’ that a particular body part is weaker due to injury, thus may be more susceptible to re-injury.

We now offer kinesiotaping and incorporate that into our consultations. This is great for oedema / inflammation, poor posture, pregnancy and enhancing athlete’s performance. Common sports injuries include calf, shin splints, achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, patellofemoral, shoulder, lateral epicondylitis and lumbar pain. Posturally the kinesiotaping can assist in establishing a targeting posture to facilitate normal movement patterns. Overall our osteopaths can identify the muscle imbalance through multiple methods and correlate them to identify the correct solution.